"Embrace what makes you unique."

- Jennie Sherwood

Photograph by Audrey Dempsey/Infinity Photo

About Jennie Sherwood

My family and I moved to Las Vegas when I was only five, and I remember it so vividly because as we drove into town we were welcomed with flash floods, golf ball sized hail, and endless cars stuck under the Charleston underpass.

But like so many storms, that deluge left behind beautiful snowcapped Sierras and a Lake Mead so full it was ready to spill right over the top of Hoover Dam.

All these years later, I still look forward to a day when once again we can watch "The Hoover" open up her flood gates and release those mighty rapids down the rocky banks of the Colorado river. It’s optimistic, I know, but I’m an optimist about our state.

Ever since my days at Ruby Thomas Elementary, I can’t imagine calling another state home. Nevada has given me a life I love, a career I’ve embraced, and my husband, Cooper, who has truly been the greatest gift of all.

Feeling so blessed by Nevada is just one reason I want to give back and represent our community in the State Legislature.

Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with the Las Vegas Valley and in particular the lights of Las Vegas. I remember my parents dragging my brother Ian and I down the whole of the Strip so we could see the bright lights before I got so tired I needed to ride and my dad's shoulders all the way back home.

Who would have thought that, years later, it would be me putting those flashing neon and chasing bulbs to work? I’ve spent twelve years lighting up Las Vegas as an IBEW #357 Journeywoman Electrician and have proudly been elected and served the Unit III Chairperson, leading my fellow brothers and sisters through three successful contract negotiations.

I know what it takes to fight to protect your brothers, your sisters, and your family—and I am ready to do that for our community in the Nevada State Legislature.

I have attended The Rocky Mountain Labor School and this year I will graduate from Emerge Nevada, the premiere training organization for women interested in running for office.

I’ve never been a politician, I’ve always been someone who puts in a hard day’s work and knows what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. But this is the type of representation that is too often lacking among our elected officials.

I’ve lived in Assembly District 2 for the better part of two decades and I’ve never met our Assembly representative. That is not the kind of representation we deserve.

I am someone that will listen to your issues, consider your ideas, and bring your voice to our State Legislature. You have my word on that and from now until election day I will be knocking on doors throughout our district to prove it. And come November 6th, I hope that I will earn your vote.


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